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Learned Flash!

2011-03-21 18:18:11 by Goldbot220

I finally learned how to use flash after time, and practice. I was forgetting the keyframe the whole time!

My first flash will be out soon.


2011-02-28 21:51:03 by Goldbot220

If i can't submit B #2, I'll make an L(Like B) for teh Locks.

Sorry Clocks...

*edit*- What? How can oen get banne dfrom Flash? Sorry Locks, it'll have to be out in 14 days.

For the Wonderers...

2011-02-27 07:46:40 by Goldbot220

...I submit 1 frame flashes because i SUCK at flash, but i am a little great at Photoshop.

I made another B for teh clocks that was blammed, can i re-submit it(for the clocks(it's 1.2 KB not 0.3/0.5 KB BTW))?